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Fat -vs- Health

I've Lived It.

I've Conquored It

I Help Others To Overcome It.


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My Head

I don't have time to break down the isotopes of each food molecule or memorize the calorie count of every food ever made. Quite frankly, I just don't have the know-how nor the desire to either.

What I do have is the discipline.

My desire to be a healthy example for my closest circle of family and friends is what motivates me each and every day to stay on a path of healthy activities and consumption.

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My Heart

It wasn't long ago that I was a hefty 150lb young woman who was binging and snarfing her way through her early twenties. Imagine my 5' frame carrying an extra 40+ pounds!
At the ripe age of 25- chunky and not afraid to let it all hang out, I was slightly lethargic, a junk food junky and missing out on some of life's more adventurous occasions because of it.

I was a hot messy mix of sweetened sodas first thing in the morning, drinking my weight in booze over the weekends, and living off of drive-thru meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yuck!

That 40lbs could have easily been 100lbs if not for the blessing of eventually training with judo athletes and snagging a job at a weightloss center that was focused solely on clean eating. After helping countless clients chase their own weightloss goals- it was time for me to walk the talk.

It wouldn't take me tons of research or education- it would require my dedicated effort, consistent change, and disciplined behavior to over come the perils of not passing up the fat.

It was my weightloss clients who'd taught me some of the most valuable lessons I'd learn in my young adult life pertaining to health and body image.

Each day I would sit with various middle aged men and women who were amazing in all sorts of special ways aside from choosing to shed a few pounds. I came to know compassionate Mothers and amazing Dads, great coaches, commendable couples, all of who were smart and charactered individuals who'd lost a part of themselves along the way to adulthood.

Somewhere amidst building a family and starting some sort of corporate carreerhood, my weightloss clients found themselves overweight and not living the life that they remembered from their glory days of collegiate athletics- far from the youthful glow of a well cared for bod they once enjoyed.

Everyday I was inspired by stories of individuals gaining back their self confidence and couples gaining back their intimacy. All their stories of success and failure stemmed from their body type and image. Each day I wanted to become more and more invested in taking care of my body- I wanted to go through the fire with them and show them my commitment to their difficult journey.

Fast forward to now, here I am - a 30+ activity junky. With every achy joint and crows feet wrinkle, I am reminded over and over of how limited time is. There is simply not enough years in our lifetime to sustain unhealthy habits- living a lifestyle that is sedentary and uneventful.

That is why I am dedicated to helping others achieve the healthy lifestyle they need to be the best they can be. Step by step, I support my friends through the path of getting lean. So that life can be enjoyed at its highest and healthiest level possible.




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My Body

Today I climb the rock walls of Utah, swim the rivers of Colorado, Dive the seas of Cozumel and Surf the waves of Hawaii.

As I push my body to the lengths that it will allow me to, I must be mindful of the types of food that I am consuming. As I approach 40 years of age, energy and stamina are sometimes harder to reach to keep up with a high level of activity. I learned over 15 years ago that what I put into my body is going to severely affect my ability to perform, not to mention the way that I look.

That is why I opt for a clean eating diet. Clean Eating ensures that I have all the energy needed for all of life's more adventurous callings.

Eat Clean- Stay Lean


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"Fermentum habitasse tempor sit et rhoncus, a morbi ultrices!"

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30lbs and Counting 174 Down to 132

Meet Sarah. She is a Commitment Queen! When we started it was no questions asked, no whiny cry baby complaining - not a single argument. We talked clean eating coupled with exercise and she stayed commuted every single day to see fast results. In one summer we were able to bring her closer to her goals. She is the perfect example of dedication and hard work - don't belive me - check her out in her full time gig- she can hang with the big boys.

Her Regimen

-Clean Eating

-Cardio at least 2x per week

-Small incorporation of weights


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