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Your Secret Weapon For Weightloss- Your Mind

Mindset – yeah, you keep hearing it all around you. All of it is true. Visualization, meditation, affirmations, and prayer will all tone your mentality for success. If you are new to the concept, I will say- fake it till you make it. That doesn’t give you the license to lie and say that you are eating…

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Working Out Regularly But Not Seeing Results

You’re commendable. You’re at the gym  5 days a week. You throw down 40 minute of cardio easy, then take to the weights and burn a solid Arnold Schwarzenegger. You don’t bother to hit the scale because the sweat on your Vneck tells you that you’ve done enough. Then that inevitable boating trip with the…

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Your Here and Your Q…Quasi Large

Hello My Guy, Lets face it- you’re bigger than you want to be. You might be silently calling yourself  “fat” in your own mind. Not just any big but the sneak into the kids candy when everyone else is sleeping-big, or get third servings against your wife’s wishes- big, maybe a little “what the hell happened to…

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