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Your Here and Your Q…Quasi Large

Hello My Guy,

Lets face it- you’re bigger than you want to be. You might be silently calling yourself  “fat” in your own mind. Not just any big but the sneak into the kids candy when everyone else is sleeping-big, or get third servings against your wife’s wishes- big, maybe a little “what the hell happened to that guy?” high-school reunion- big, and lastly the “will not get a gym membership because I’m too big” -big.

There is no need to be hard on yourself like that. In fact it won’t take much for you to whip yourself right into the shape that you would like to be again.  You will not  require much time or money to get to where you want to be and later we will talk about dedication and commitment – the two main things that will help you. Moving on…..

Whatever your reason are for finding yourself here in seek of help- I have the answers and recommendations to help you with all the issues surrounding your weight.

First lets touch on why you would use my help and the help The RFL community of like minded folks to keep you motivated and active. Most likely you’ve tried your own way to lose weight by exercising or dieting – maybe you’ve read some books and articles or jumped on the bandwagon with a friend and have either yo-yo’d or you have found that your motivation to stay on track wavers from day to day or event to event- (one football party and your whole plane is on hold all weekend).

Well, my fluffy dear friend, I am here to give you practical changes that you can make in your day to day habits that produce results. So follow along and let’s talk a little bit about how you got here in the first place.

Are you one of my guys that talks about how you “were in sports all your life” and now when you look in the mirror you wonder where the heck that handsome kid is these days?  Maybe you’re the type that busts out those couple of photos of your six pack that you had when you were an all-state wrestler to prove to others that you once had it- you really did.

Now you’re a man a with family and you find yourself alternating meals at the table of Olive Garden, Red Robin, and Chili’s  with your wife and three kids. Last year’s Christmas card photos are showing the proof of your caloric intake for the past 5 years- you see a side of yourself that you have neglected or ignored since before your third grader was in school.

I mean – you’re not an *old guy by any means. Although your Jersey Shore drinkin’ days are put to rest- they are not far behind you..for the most part – you’re not a buck anymore. What you are is low on energy and maybe it is from the actual extra 50lbs or maybe it is just from the sheer lack of confidence that you once had to go out and be as social since you are sporting a few more excess pounds.

What’s a guy to do? You see that 40 something year old at work who has great hair and skin, insane shoulders that you could recruit for the Green Bay Packers and V cut that catch’s all the ladies eyes (yeah he might be clad in a ridiculous gaudy Affliction Tshirt) but nonetheless, he’s athletic and trim.

Here you are in your khaki shorts and a plaid button down – you look more like you could host an all kids band camp rather than all men’s rugby team. The waistband on your favorite jeans is not lying to you man- and its time to make some changes. A full time diet of your local brewery bar’s latest ale, bratwursts with all the fixin’s, and your kids leftovers has got to be changed to a minimum- if only temporarily- so that you can tie your shoes without breathing heavy.

Let’s turn some heads again shall we?

Let’s work on a couple of things together. Let’s get your head in the right place. You must put yourself first and you must raise your own standards. Once you do this – the rest of what you need to do is in the form of pure action and discipline. How fast you get there is up to you. If you want to see results, what you put in is what you will get out. Think of it this way. If you practice throwing a couple of karate chops in the air once per week- you will never gain a Steven Seagal status in fighting not even if you did those chop combos for 100 weeks straight- you may not even be able to beat the neighborhood brat in an arm wrestle. You must focus Daniel San. You must wax on and most importantly wax off…. those habits that don’t do your body any justice. Consistency and intensity are the keys to success.

Let’s begin together.

“Sensei” Rox



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