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Your Secret Weapon For Weightloss- Your Mind

Mindset – yeah, you keep hearing it all around you. All of it is true. Visualization, meditation, affirmations, and prayer will all tone your mentality for success. If you are new to the concept, I will say- fake it till you make it.

That doesn’t give you the license to lie and say that you are eating healthy and practicing healthy habits when you are not. This means to put on yogi hat, channel your inner Ghandi, and look into the mirror to see The Rock looking back at you. This means practicing to see yourself as disciplined and responsible for your yourself- especially your body. Believing that when you look into the mirror, you see yourself as a bad ass.

No matter how corny it sounds you must give yourself props every single morning before you start your day. And no matter the fumbles that get in your way...if you spill coffee on yourself in a meeting, if you step on the ladies toe behind you in the grocery store, if you forget that one extremely important thing that your wife told you not to forget- do not break character. You're Clint Eastwood and anybody who dare try to ruin your good time...well- they can just make your day punk.

If you're not sure where to begin on how to get your mindset prepped and moving in the right direction, I want you to think athletics. Just like muscle memory, you're going to build habits and patterns of thinking. Those patterns will become your mindset once you've practiced resetting your mindset daily. It may seem very foreign at first because you may feel as though you are talking to yourself- which, in a way you are. You're basically pumping yourself up every day.

Your work day may be hourly like most folks. Lets consider each hour of work a round in a boxing match. If you make it through 8 hours of your work day, its like surviving 8 rounds of combos, if you work 10 hours- ten rounds and so on. How would you come into the ring if you were Rocky? What would you hear coming from your coaches corner? What is some of the strength building language that you'd tell your son or daughter if they were about to go into competition?

"You can do it- you got this! You are the best! Nothing can stop you! No one can compete with you because you are in a league of your own! Go get 'em!" And so on and so on.

When it comes to facing a day of being the best you can be, you are going to need a whole lot of positive self-talk to keep you moving through life's little hangups and annoyances. Over time your words (just like with your own child or closest kin) will start to anchor down and soon those words will become the norm and automatic.

Now- it doesn’t take much for the little devil on your shoulder to start trying to punk you back into doubt and submission- you must kill the noise. I recommend with kindness...nonetheless kill it either way. Keep the negativity at bay - and that includes anyone who brings it.

You are going to be your own best friend through this journey. You are going to set the standard for yourself and you are going to impress only yourself.

Sure you'll get compliments and people will notice that you are taking good care of yourself, but nothing is more satisfying that knowing you can trust yourself to stay disciplined. Knowing that if anyone is going to set the tone on the level of respect you receive...its going to be you- starting with self-respect.

Put yourself on a pedestal. Give yourself the pep talk that you need to head into everyday with a positive and proactive mindset. If you would like a little help on how to get started, here are a few first things that you can do.

  1. Start as early as you wake. Whether that be 5am or 9am, when the morning is young, shape it from its infancy.
  2. When you brush your teeth, (which most people do at a vanity and mirror), acknowledge yourself consciously. Don't leave that moment to make eye contact with yourself. Look at the face that your mother, wife and children see- be as kind to yourself as they are. Give yourself a few empowering titles. "The Man" "The Problem Solver" "Super Dad".
  3. Acknowledge the space around you. Your home may be shared or you may have it to yourself. Thank yourself for being able to create the good things in your life that you have so far. Be thankful in that moment for what you have created with your own mind and capabilities. Appreciate what you have and feel it to the core to set your energy levels soaring for more.

If you would like a couple more tips, check out my Dirty Dozen - hacks for your mind, body and meal setting.



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