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Working Out Regularly But Not Seeing Results

You're commendable. You're at the gym  5 days a week. You throw down 40 minute of cardio easy, then take to the weights and burn a solid Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You don't bother to hit the scale because the sweat on your Vneck tells you that you've done enough.

Then that inevitable boating trip with the buds comes up. No one is even off shore yet and all guns are out. You feel great as you disrobe your well worked on body- you have already sized yourself up to the crew. No shame in your game.

Then, that "one guy" shows up- the SOB with a stomach like a 300 movie extra. How the hell is that guy so ripped?  You catch him indulging in beers and brats and you tell yourself that he must be blessed with genes of Zeus.  You complainingly (yeah that's my own word-and?) blame your father who's family's side is said to be big boned.


Well my friend - don't hate, participate. Whats not being said here is that Zeus's prototype is likely following a good 80/20 rule and hell, he may even be splitting his good food/bad food ratios into a 90/10 split.

What that means is 80 percent of the time or more he is eating really well. I'm talking baked chicken breasts and broccoli CLEAN. 5 days of the week his at-work-lunches consist of healthy foods. This is what allows him enjoy the win/win on the boat. He gets to show off lean, chiseled assets and he gets to have a cheat day so that he can enjoy the weekends. It's no problem for him to take up an offering in the form of fat, sodium, and other bloatware.

If you would like to have the best of both worlds you must incorporate a couple of disciplines. If you are looking to make the most of your workouts and start to pass the threshold of the nice but fluffy body, may I recommend cleaning up your regimen. Your muscle is already there, hidden behind a curtain of fatty tissue. To unveil it, you must work away some of the excess so that you can gain deeper ridges between your six pack.

Trying to go cold turkey may not allow you to stick with any one program for very long- so try the 80/20 rule. That is 80% of the time you are eating like you're training for a competition and the other 20 percent you want to be thoughtful. Some healthy tips to begin with right away, do this:

  1. Cut back on portions ASAP. In order to build a healthy lifestyle around food, you must train yourself to either eat on a schedule, or to eat when you are hungry. If you continue to eat because food is in front of you, eating for taste, or eating for a past time- you will not be able to reach or maintain your goals.
  2. Nix Fast Food. With Fast Food comes a higher caloric intake than is necessary for weight loss. French fries and soda is usually part of the lunch time fare and those two violators will not help your efforts for leaning up.
  3. Start off with a light breakfast. Hard boiled eggs, yogurt, or string cheeses will all suffice if you are headed into an office job. If you are going out to mow lawns for the day, then it is probably a good idea to get more sustenance for your energy output and try something like breakfast steaks or the above mentions plus a protein shake.

For more info about how to help your workouts contribute to fat loss, download my Dirty Dozen mind hacks, meal tips and exercise help.



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